Our Story

Trading Post Coffee Roasters Lewes UK's Best Coffee Subscription Wholesale coffee roasting bean
Trading Post Coffee Roasters Lewes UK's Best Coffee Subscription Wholesale coffee roasting bean
ship street trading post coffee roasters best uk coffee subscription wholesale
Independent & Family run

Our Story

In January 2017, Trading Post Coffee Roasters opened its doors in Ship Street, Brighton, with a fully open coffee roastery, coffee bar and eatery. Shortly after, sites were opened in Cliffe High Street, Lewes and Kensington Gardens, Brighton.

In 2020 we opened The Roastery by Trading Post Coffee Roasters on Sydney Street, Brighton. The Roastery is where we develop our signature blends and offer full barista training for our wholesale customers. In 2021 we opened our latest site in South Street, Chichester, with an on-site coffee roasting machine, coffee bar and eatery.

We roast all our coffee origins individually, in small batches by hand, to ensure that they are all crafted to the highest standards with the greatest of care. Our team roast our artisan coffee daily to ensure maximum freshness and of course the incredible taste our coffee is known for.

Trading Post Coffee Roasters is an independent, family run business, and we're proud to support community projects in our local area.

natural, sustainable, fair trade, premium coffee. 

Artisan Roasting

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make great coffee. We pride ourselves on our unique artisan roasting method refined by our Master Roaster who comes from two generations of coffee roasters.

The origins of our beans are of great importance to us. Social and environmental responsibility from farms is one of our highest priorities. We know that the highest quality coffee comes from farmers who are committed to the highest quality in every aspect of their operation – from utilising sustainable growing techniques to the health and welfare of workers. We only source from farms who ensure workers are treated fairly and nature is protected.

Trying Post Coffee Roasters Producing The Best Coffee In The UK with the best coffee shops in uk