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The Ultimate Home Espresso Machine

The Ultimate Home Espresso Machine We've teamed up with our partners Pro Espresso to offer the iconic Rocket Appartamento to our loyal customers from just £40 per month! With minimalist design and...
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Why is caffeine in coffee?

On average, around 26,000 cups of coffee and drunk per second around the world. For a fair few such as myself, we drink coffee for the bold and complex flavours that can come from the wonderful cof...
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Is honey processed coffee vegan?

Recently a friend of mine, who is an avid coffee drinker, asked me whether any of the coffee we roast and sell is vegan. At first this question had me confused, its not a question I had ever heard ...
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The Coffee Process: From Seed to Cup

Did you know that 70% of the quality of a coffee grain is determined by its genetics? Only 30% is due to the environment in which it has been cultivated. But, as is evident, the total result of you...
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Qualities of a Good Coffee

Coffee is part of the breakfast of thousands of people from all around the world. However, despite it being absolutely rooted in our routine and social customs, the truth is that we do not always k...
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