How we Offset your Delivery Emissions

How we Offset your Delivery Emissions - Trading Post Coffee Roasters

Sadly, for us to transport our freshly roasted coffee to your doorstep fossils fuels have to be burnt. (I know urgh!) Thankfully we are able to offset those emissions thanks to our new Carbon Offset Program.  

Delivery Van made of plants

Since our company’s inception, looking at our supply chain and production methods has always been a major focus. Everything that comes in your coffee delivery box is either recyclable or biodegradable. Our coffee bags are fully recyclable, our bag labels & blend info cards are specially printed using vegan friendly ink, 100% green energy and are fully recyclable & biodegradable. The boxes themselves are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable & we use eco-friendly packing tape for our larger recyclable boxes.

 Trading Post Coffee Roasters Fact: Did you know that our takeaway cups & lids are fully compostable? Well, they are!

Pachama Forest Conservation Project in Brazil

^ Pachama Forest Conservation Area around the Jari River, Brazil.

 The big dilemma facing all businesses is finding a way to offset the carbon emissions created during the transportation of goods to their customers. Trading Post Coffee Roasters is proud to be able to say that we successfully offset all carbon emissions created from our online orders. Through our provider Shopify, we are able to use their offset program which supports forest conservation projects in Brazil, Central America & the USA. The program calculates our total monthly carbon emissions and converts this into our ‘monthly Offset cost’. We then invest this back into the various forest conservation projects which has helped to offset 57 million kilograms of C02.

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